TUWEYE is a PATENT PENDING PROJECT of a data and image acquisition/transmission device developed to operate underwater, differing in terms of technological layout, performance and multiplicity of areas of use compared to underwater shooting devices currently on the market. The project takes inspiration from the BluBite "System One" project and device in which, however, the communication channel in the wired line did not have the appropriate performance requirements required by current technological standards in data acquisition and transmission.

The device that is submerged in water called TUWEYE Capture Unit can be made in small dimensions, navigates with a variable structure depending on how the external geometry is configured and performs the capture of images and data through the camera and multiple sensors. Through a thin communication cable of variable length, even longer than 100 meters, it is electrically and mechanically transported and connected to a device called TUWEYE Control Unit, so that the analysis of the before mentioned data and images can take place in real time.

The TUWEYE Capture Unit submerged in water does not need power batteries and features two bi-directional digital data communication channels. What makes the use of the TUWEYE system attractive is the extreme rationalization of the electric cable and the innovative transport of information. The wiring is relegated to an electric line with a diameter equal to or less than 2mm, with high tensile strenght, through which data and high resolution digital images pass, such as to allow handling and a size on the reel similar to that of sport fishing equipment at sea. At the design level, different layouts of the TWUEYE system are possible:

  • a layout expressly dedicated to scientific research in which the Capture Unit has fewer miniaturization constraints and houses a plurality of sensors and cameras,
  • a layout dedicated to video shooting in wich the Capture unit is charactirezed by an extremely reduced shape, useful for shooting and activities related to sport fishing.

Furthermore, both layouts can be adapted in order to assume a dedicated configuration:

  • to PORTABILITY in which the Capture Unit + Control Unit – can be stowed in a waterproof suitcase on board a boat,
  • to the more PROFESSIONAL ASPECTS in which the Control Unit + multiple Capture Units can be permanently installed in a boat and organized through an adequate control logic of the entire apparatus.
The main benefits that emerge from the use of TUWEYE are:
  1. the possibility of collecting data and high-resolution video images from an underwater environment in certain applications where the use of ROVs is excessively expensive and complicated, or unsuitable since the dimensions of such equipment are prohibitive,
  2. the possibility of collecting data and high-resolution video images from an underwater setting without resorting to large electrical wiring, therefore through minimal dimensions: moreover, the mechanical seal elements integrated in the same wiring are characterized by extreme flexibility and softness,
  3. have on board the vessel a data acquisition and video shooting system in the underwater world which collects more than one hundred meters of cable in a space of just a few centimetres, as well as integrating the captured data and images with those dedicated to navigation, cartography etc.
  4. the possibility of reconfiguring the constituent elements of TUWEYE for applications in scenarios that are also different from the marine one, such as in lakes, rivers, artificial reservoirs,
  5. the possibility of collecting and viewing in real time, also through streaming transmission on telecommunications networks, images and information of activities such as scientific research, environmental safety but also sport fishing videos etc. through optimal integration of devices on board a vessel,
  6. the possibility of defining a new technological and infrastructural standard from which to develop further data acquisition devices and high resolution images.

A further advantage of the TUWEYE project is the high level of field experience gained in water activities by the BluBite project, with respect to which evident and substantial technical improvements subject to Intellectual Property protection are made, in order to project TWUEYE towards the obvious needs of scientific research based on high integration digital type equipment.

TuwEYE Patent Application has reached all the patent requirement for all the Claims on the first Search Report and Written Opinion dispatched by the European Patent Office examiner (IT stage). Please contact us for information and collaboration opportunity.

S. Marini - A.Leonida